• Three training sessions throughout the day
  • socialization with other dogs between sessions
  • Three training sessions throughout the day
  • socialization with other dogs between sessions

Our canine program has trained hundreds of wonderful dogs, and we would love for your dog to join our success stories! We offer off leash dog training, which will ensure your puppy will always know how to behave and how to listen, even without the aid of a leash. This is important for their safety, as it will prevent accidents if they ever find themselves accidentally out of your immediate control.

Our puppy obedience training program will equip both you and your puppy to communicate effectively so that your puppy will always understand and follow your commands. An important piece of any training program is teaching the responsible pet owners how to take the lead in the relationship and not deliver mixed messages and ambiguous cues.

Puppy dog training does not happen overnight. It takes dedication, both on the part of the trainee and on the part of the trainer. Our dedicated staff is trained, knowledgeable, and extremely patient.
Whether you puppy has behavioral problems that you would like to modify, or you just want to make sure they are always safe and happy, come to us today! Call or stop by to learn more about our vast array of puppy training packages.Type your paragraph here.

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Our training is based on proven scientific principles.


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Everyone here at Golden Ridge Farm is passionate about caring for your pet.


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We are proud to announce Sunshine and Bridget received their CGC.  Great Job Girls!

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  •  Individual sessions with the trainer
  • Socialization with other dogs between sessions

Pauline Hoegler Head Trainer has her Certification For Professional Dog Training and is an Official Mentor Trainer for CATCh Canine Trainers Academy.  She is also developing a training program for GOFI Service Dog Program.  

At Golden Ridge Farm we use doggy daycare combined with positive training techniques that are based on proven scientific principles.  Our trainers have years of experience working with many species of animals as well as different age groups.  We have a solid understanding of which techniques to use and which one will fit your situation best.  Most importantly, we educate owners using video or one on one consultation.

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​​​INNOVATIVE TECHNIQUES based on proven scientific principles.

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