Doggy Day Care

RidgE Farm


One on One Consult..

$399 for a 4 pack
 You may also purchase a block of 5 sessions for $450 (save!) or 10 sessions for $799 (save even more!).

Rates and Services

Day Care Training Pricing and Packages:

In Home Consultation​                                                   $150

Virtual Consult                                               $35/half hour

Puppy Preschool                                                          $449

(4 week package

2 days per week of training combined with day care

from 9am to 1 pm)

$399 each consecutive month

Basic Obedience                                                                                      $449

(4 week package 2 days per week of training

combined with day care from 8am to 2 pm)

$399 each consecutive month


Behavior Adjustment Training​ Pricing

​4 pack                                                                         $399

5 pack                                                                         $450

10 pack                                                                       $799

*no expiration date on training sessions, packages are nonrefundable.

  • Exercise in large outdoor play areas
  • Great socialization opportunities
  • Hands on affection 
  • Knowledgeable staff
  • Just plain fun!