*2 days per week of training plus doggie day care for a total of 8 days.

*Puppy receives several training sessions a day with behaviors reinforced throughout the day.

*Individual sessions with the owner after each day of attendance or video.

*Education regarding house training, teething and basic training.

*Dogs receive well needed socialization to other dogs and many people that come to the kennel.

*Recommendations provided regarding training, nutrition and activity suggestions.

*Product review for best toys and interactive games available for puppies.

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Basic Obedience

-Get your pup focused and following your direction.

That cute little puppy got you chasing your tail?

Problem Prevention

-Ensure your puppy grows into a dog that you can truly enjoy - friendly, relaxed, and well behaved.

Problem Solving

​-Make short work of house training, stop puppies from using you and your furniture as chew toys.



Doggy Day Care


Puppy Preschool:

Up to 1 year old

$499 for first months training

 $449 per month after that!

9am - 1pm

Pick Up and Drop Off Available