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An extremely important component in any dog's development is learning how to socialize, both with other dogs and with people outside of your family. At Golden Ridge Farm Doggy Day Care & Training, we offer the absolute best doggie day care in Norwood, MA and surrounding towns by providing spacious outdoor areas that keep your dog happy and healthy!

Our dog day care program is more than simply feeding and watching your pet until you return. We treat each dog as a member of our own family. Our puppy preschool program helps with dog socialization skills and develops their listening and obeying skills, while giving them plenty of fun exercise!

Our outdoor dog care facility is spacious and allows our staff and dogs to all interact safely in a controlled environment where everyone has fun and enjoys playing! For those who are more comfortable having their pets boarded in their home, we also offer in home dog boarding services. All of our day care staff is fully trained and passionate about caring for your beloved family member!

In addition to all of these services, we also provide your pet with dog grooming to keep them clean, happy, and comfortable. This includes nail clipping services, as well as shampooing, haircuts, and more!
Of course you would love to spend every waking moment with your precious pet, but when that is just not possible, bring them to us! Get in touch with us today to enroll your pet in our day care program!Type your paragraph here.

  Call Today to Schedule Your Dogs Evaluation!

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Golden Ridge has a simple Doggy Day Care and Training model: Exercise, space and just plain fun create an environment in which dogs thrive in.  We are quite different from other indoor kennels which hold 40, 60, or more dogs in smaller runs. Golden Ridge Farm Doggy Day Care in Norwood has large outdoor areas that dogs can spend their day sniffing critters, running with friends and just doing things dogs love to do.  With such large and spacious play areas, each guest at Golden Ridge is assured a fun, comfortable, stress free day. 

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Bordatella ( kennel cough) every 6 months

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Initial evaluation for compatibility required.  Visit us with your dog prior to your first day so your dog can have a great experience while here with us.