​​Behavior Adjustment Training​ Pricing

$549 for a 4 pack
 You may also purchase a block of 5 sessions for $624 (save!) or 10 sessions for $999 (save even more!).

Visits are nonrefundable and do not expire.

Successful BAT with a dog who previously demonstrated leash aggression with other dogs

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Problem Prevention

-Advise on enrichment programs, home management and impulse control exercises to increase your dogs ability to focus on training

​Basic Obedience

-Teach you to lead and get your dog focused and following your direction.

Problem Solving

​-Make short work of behavior problems such as growling, alert barking, leash aggression and inappropriate soiling .

That cute little puppy got you chasing your tail?

Golden Ridge Farmis a small, serious hobby breeder dedicated to the Golden Retriever for over 15 years and counting.   We are very proud of our Golden Retrievers or as we like to call them "our kids".  In addition to being a part of our breeding program they are first  and foremost a part of our family.  I hope you fall in love, just as we have with Golden Retrievers.  Truly a breed like no other.

Puppies for Adoption

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*Instill Leadership Exercises

*Educate owners how to read their dogs body language

*Help owners understand what is causing their dogs bad behavior

*Teach necessary leash handling skills.

*Full analysis of the dog's strengths and weaknesses.

*Recommendations provided regarding training, nutrition and activity suggestions.

*Product review for best toys and interactive games available for enriching your dogs environment.