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The best way to judge any dog daycare and training facility is by judging the qualifications and dedication of the staff. At GoldenRidge Dog DayCare & Training, we are fortunate to have the best staff in Norwood, MA!

Pauline Hoegler RN, CPDT is not only a registered nurse who is fully trained in CPR and First Aid for both humans and animals, but she is also an experienced trainer who is passionate about forming a bond with each animal and owner she is fortunate enough to meet. She will guide you through the entire training process, explaining and helping you through each step.

Melissa Godin, our co-owner of the Golden Ridge Farm Doggy Day Care, has been with us since 2009. With her diploma in dog training and her extensive background in training and dog care, she provides excellent, personalized care all of our clients and their dogs. Brendan Hickey is the wonderful manager of our Norwood, MA facility. He has an innate love for all dogs and is great with managing their play and interactions so they are all safe and happy at all times!

At GoldenRidge Dog DayCare & Training, we are here for all of your training and day care needs. We work hard each and every day, spreading love one puppy at a time! Please stop by today to see us in action!

Pauline Hoegler RN, CPDT

Co-Owner/ Trainer

Evident by the terrific following she has built, Melissa will provide excellent care for your dog while at Golden Ridge. She is a Vet Technician at Medfield Veterinary Clinic, CPR and First Aid certified for cats and dogs and will make certain your dog is happy and healthy. Melissa enjoys taking care of all the dogs here as if they were her own.  She has been employed by Golden Ridge since 2009.  With a Diploma in Dog Training she is quite knowledgeable in the science of training and caring for dogs. 
Melissa is also our master groomer. Taking pride in her work Melissa is meticulous with the dogs she grooms. In her spare time you can find Melissa working with her horse or helping others train their horses.

Melissa Godin, Veterinary Technologists,


Pauline is a Registered Nurse, Certified Professional Dog Trainer, and Co-Owner of Golden Ridge Doggy Day Care. She is CPR and First Aid Certified for dogs and CPR, First Aid and ACLS certified in humans. As founder of Golden Ridge Farm in 1997 while continuing to work as a Registered Nurse her two loves have united in her most recent venture in developing a Service and Medical Dog Program called Golden Opportunities For Independence. This 501(c)3 non-profit organization helps people obtain the maximum independence possible with the help of a dog. In the Cardiac Catheterization Lab at Norwood Hospital, Pauline assists a team of highly skilled medical professionals provide members of our community with life saving angioplasities and stents amidst life threatening heart attacks.  Working with dogs and people, she makes a difference in each of their lives on a daily basis.